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Legend of Korra: SDCC, Shady Info, Rumors + More

This post has been delayed for sometime now.. If you didn’t scower the internet for new facts then let this post be an update to you. Thanks for the support! Link to Korra & Meelo sketch!

Comic Con Attendees finally spilled all they learned from what the creators could tell then about the upcoming series.

  • As an evolution of the first series, The Legend of Korra will have more sophistication to it, but still keep the humor, fun hybrid animals, and action.
  • The infamous cabbage merchant will not appear, but “his legacy will be presented in some form.”
  • It won’t cover more mature subject material necessarily, just different mature subjects.  “It won’t be another war, but a different sort of conflict.”
  • A love interest within the story of Korra will be a definitive. Corny romance, teen angst, and a “moving” story will all be balanced through-out the series.
  • The confirmed mini-series will be much more rich, fuller, and condensed in terms of plot, storyline and overall presentation.

A response video was posted by chamers123 describing rumors and personal opinions about the mini-series. This video is significant because it states details that have yet to be confirmed through any other source.

  • Katara, Toph, and Zuko are alive.
  • Either Toph, Haru, or Toph & Haru, will have a daughter named, Jojo.
  • Wei Bei is definitely a character
  • Zuko’s son is about to become the new Fire Lord.

The youtube user states that his information was directly gathered from comic con, yet facts like this so early in development are hard to believe. 

Comic Con Article, Source

More updates and confirmations later.